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​Can moisturizer hydrate your skin to the same degree that natural oils will?

When many of us start to experience the symptoms of dry skin it can lead to us very quickly grabbing our favorite moisturizer. What is surprising to learn however is that the average moisturizer may continue to clog your pores and do a little more damage than you might experience from using natural oil instead.

In some parts of the world like Europe for example it's actually much more popular the hydrate dry skin with the use of natural oils. Certain plant-based oils are extremely effective at producing radiant and hydrated looking skin and they don't come with a ton of filler ingredients that are often found in over-the-counter moisturizers.

One of the main reasons why people continue to use moisturizers however is that they are quite convenient, a moisturizer is really designed to be a quick fix. It's quite convenient to carry with you and they're generally very inexpensive. If you are going to be using a moisturizer regularly consider green products because they often contain much more of the natural oil-based ingredients which are going to deliver the biggest punch anyway.

The reason that oil is so effective is because some of these all natural ingredients can penetrate deeply and protect the skin's lipid barrier. Oils also don't evaporate from the skin as quickly as moisturizers meaning that even one treatment at the start of your day could carry you through for hours on end.

Natural oils which are cold pressed and certified will often be without scents and this can carry a much better affect not only for your skin but also ensure that you can enjoy beauty products with reduced chance of irritation.

So, moisturizer or natural oils? The choice is up to you so educate yourself and choose wisely!

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