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​The Top Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is derived from the Simmondsia Chinensis plant which can commonly be found in Mexico, Arizona and Southern California. The “oil” from the Jojoba plant is actually more so of a plant wax in a liquid format that has been used by Native Americans over many years to treat bruises, sores in a variety of skin conditions.

Jojoba Oil can have many health benefits and it is used in natural treatment for a wide array of conditions. You can purchase the oil at almost any type of health food store it has zero side effects because it's completely organic grown in nature. Here are some of the top health benefits from Jojoba Oil:

Reducing oily skin:

Jojoba oil is extremely helpful for controlling oily skin almost anywhere on the body. By changing the production of Sebum, oil can be controlled and this could help with symptoms like acne, dandruff, dermatitis and more. Ongoing treatment with Jojoba oil has helped many with skin conditions overcome their oily skin.

Improving chapped lips:

Many lip chaps have Jojoba oil in them as well as beeswax and the natural ingredient can be extremely helpful in protecting your lips from the wind, the cold and from dryness. You can make your own lip chap at home by mixing together beeswax, the oil and a scent or flavor of your choice if you want something more custom.

Reducing cracked skin:

For assistance with cracked hands or very dry skin, you can apply Jojoba oil to the skin after a shower or bath or after soaking hands and feet in water for some time and applying the oil directly. Jojoba oil can really speed the process of healing and this has always been part of its ancient uses.

Reducing swelling and inflammation:

Applying Jojoba oil to a bad bruise or to in injury can work to cut down on bacteria which could potentially cause infection and it can speed healing. Jojoba oil can speed up the healing process of warts and cold sores, reduce swelling that comes as a result of an injury and it can heal up cuts faster too. Rather than experiencing a slow and painful healing process, this natural product can help you to heal faster with less inflammation.

Improving finger nail health:

If you want to grow better for your nails and keep them healthier, regular treatment with Jojoba oil can improve the growth of nails, moisturize your cuticles and prevent them from becoming brittle and dry. Because Jojoba oil is so rich in vitamin E it is the perfect nail treatment.

Keep some of these top benefits and more in mind that you can experience with regular Jojoba Oil treatment.

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